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One Platform to manage all aspects of pre-flight planning!

One Platform to manage all aspects of pre-flight planning!

One Platform to manage all aspects of pre-flight planning!

One Platform to manage all aspects of pre-flight planning!


Operations Management

One platform to manage all aspects of pre-flight planning with best-in-class weather intelligence and automated evaluation for increased flight safety, and internal compliance at scale. ​

NOVA – less planning, more flying!

The NOVA Operations Platform by Unisphere makes every drone mission a success!

Trusted by world-class aviation experts:


Experience NOVA Platform Benefits for...

...flight operations manager


All missions in one place – ​
efficient resource management​
based on automated weather​
assessment for the next 7 days.​


Centralized management of all​
aircraft performance and ops ​
limits, ensuring compliance ​
throughout the organization.


Provide your teams with the best weather data for their drone missions and share necessary information.

...flight directors and pilots


Rain radar, weather observations​
and high-resolution forecast. All ​
relevant weather information​
in one place, globally available.


Quick go/no-go decision based on​
automated evaluation of weather​
conditions with the concept of ​
operations for the specific mission.


Automated identification of ​
flight windows with good weather​
conditions for the next 48 hours. 

NOVA Operations Management by Unisphere

The flight operations platform customized to drone operations

Globally accessible

Access weather data all around the world – all through one app

Avoid opportunity costs

Don't waste your resources to prepare a mission that cannot take place because of bad weather conditions


Mainstream pilot knowledge

Make weather knowledge accessible across your whole organization

Professionalize your drone operations!

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Best-in-class weather intelligence

For complex drone operations

Automated evaluation of all relevant weather parameters and respective limits – providing the highest safety in flight planning with sophisticated weather risk assessment. 

The simulation technology evaluates weather conditions and the flight path.

Detailed understanding of flight time and battery state of charge at landing.

High-resolution weather forecast data, combined with rain radar and observations from airports nearby (METAR) provide a high level of situational awareness for all drone missions around the globe.

Weather intelligence like never before with the NOVA Operations Platform by Unisphere
NOVA Operations Platform by Unisphere - All missions in one place!

Smart Mission Overview

Efficient resource management

The more missions you fly, the more you need a clear view of where the weather may interfere. 

See all missions at a glance in a clear and simplified mission overview. 

Quickly identify potential flight windows based on current weather conditions and specific mission limitations.

Plan your resources and adapt to changes quickly. This feature allows you to maximize your team’s productivity to efficiently scale your business. 

Centralized ConOps management

Compliance for your flight operations

With the simple management of aircraft capabilities and their limitations as well as the specific operational constraints, NOVA makes the asset management of multiple drone types easy. 

Digital twin of the drone and ConOps used for automated evaluation of weather conditions.

Manage different drone types and operational limit sets in one place.

Ensure company-wide compliance with your internal standards.

This feature allows new missions to be set up quickly while maintaining integrity with internal standards - professional and safe flight operations at scale.

NOVA Operations Platform by Unisphere - Centralized ConOps Management
NOVA Operations Platform by Unisphere - Making weather evaluation easy

Complex tasks smart simplified

Intuitive visualizations for improved efficiency

Breaking the complexity of drone flight planning down into smart, simplified visualization of the flight feasibility for upcoming days.

Analysis of a multitude of parameters at different locations or along a flight path within seconds.

Always the most recent overview on service availability through automated forecast updates.


Improved flight safety through automated and standardized evaluation eliminating human error.

Support operations manager to react to changes, inform stakeholders, and manage the involved resources smartly.

Professionalize your drone operations!

Limited offer: Start your 2 month trial once NOVA is released.

*No credit card required.

"The intuitive visualizations help us to resolve the complexity of planning our drone services in multiple locations. Such tools will be crucial for future drone operations at scale."

Andrea Marrazo

Head of Autonomous Delivery, Swiss Post

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