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Infrastructure Monitoring

When performing drone photogrammetry projects, the right weather conditions are paramount to achieving the best results. By providing accurate, real-time weather and weather forecasts, NOVA enables drone operators to plan their flights with confidence and avoid adverse weather conditions that could compromise the quality of their data. 

Plan ahead

Be in the right place with weather conditions tailored to your mission!

One platform for all missions

Access to all relevant weather parameters to make the most of your data!

Boost your efficiency

Get an evaluated view of flight windows for all your missions to prevent downtime

"The unique team of aviation professionals is full of expertise and know-how. They managed to bring Solar Impulse round the globe. Today their smart software products secure the ability of drone operations to scale without compromising safety."

Lorenzo Murzilli

CEO, Murzilli Consulting

For Linear Infrastructure

Power Lines, Pipelines and Railways

One of the biggest challenges in monitoring linear infra-structure such as power lines is the long distances involved. To ensure accurate data collection, the drone's stability and maneuverability require calm weather conditions along the entire along the entire route.



To accurately plan the mission, the NOVA Operations Platform allows you to simulate the flight beforehand, which is essential to evaluate the weather along the route.

Picture of powerline
Picture of a solar farm

For Solar Parks

A successful drone operation to monitor solar farms should take place under clear skies, mild winds and constant sunlight. In addition, drone battery life and flight time limitations can be a challenge when monitoring solar farms, which often cover large areas. Efficient battery management, including scheduling multiple flights or deploying multiple drones, may be required to ensure complete coverage.

NOVA has your back with a clear weather report showing your predicted flight time and battery status!

For Wind Farms

Wind farms, especially offshore wind farms, are subject to harsh weather conditions such as high winds. Due to their remote locations, high-resolution weather models, especially at different heights, can be difficult to find. Limited battery life can also be a significant limitation.



The NOVA Operations Platform has you covered: With global, high-resolution weather parameters, you can plan your operations even in remote locations. In addition, our 4D trajectory technology simulates a digital twin of the drone mission and analyzes potential battery constraints based on local wind conditions.

Picture of an offshore wind farm
Picture of construction site

For Construction Sites

Some drone mapping projects require the absence of shadows and therefore require constant light with high cloud cover to ensure accurate and reliable results. Drastic changes in lighting, such as heavy shadows, can obscure details and make it difficult for photogrammetry software to accurately match points between images. By flying in low-shadow conditions, you minimize the presence of such variations and make it easier for the software to identify corresponding points in different images.


With the NOVA Operations Platform, you can identify flight windows that meet these specific light condition requirements!

Professionalize your drone operations!

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