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Drone Delivery

Weather conditions play a vital role in ensuring the uninterrupted operation of drone delivery services. The success and efficiency of these services heavily rely on favorable weather conditions. Unpredictable weather patterns, such as strong winds, heavy rainfall, or extreme temperatures, can pose significant challenges and potential risks to the safe operation of drones. Therefore, careful monitoring and consideration of weather forecasts are crucial for drone delivery companies to maintain a high level of uptime and provide reliable and timely service to their customers.

Improved flight safety

Evaluate weather along the route and at altitude

More flights, more orders

Through better understanding of flight windows

Mainstream pilot knowledge

Make weather knowledge accessible across your whole organisation

"The intuitive visualizations help us to resolve the complexity of planning our drone services in multiple locations. Such tools will be crucial for future drone operations at scale."

Andrea Marrazo

Head of Autonomous Delivery, Swiss Post


Ressource Planning

Minimizing opportunity costs relies on identifying optimal flight windows, while understanding service availability is crucial for both your business and your customers.


With the NOVA Operations Platform, identifying uptime becomes effortless and seamless.

Unisphere_NOVA Operations Platform_Deliv
Picture of delivery drone
Unisphere_NOVA Operations Platform_for c
Photo of off-shore platform

Operational Management

Maintaining a clear overview can be challenging when scaling up your business. Factors such as weather conditions, particularly strong headwinds, can have a significant impact on operation time. Additionally, headwinds can also affect the battery status of your drones.


However, with the NOVA Operations Platform, you can count on a comprehensive weather evaluation that provides crucial insights into your forecasted flight time and battery status. 

Avoid Repetitive Work

Save valuable time by eliminating repetitive tasks with the help of the NOVA Operations Platform. Creating a new mission becomes effortless as you can conveniently copy the limit sets of various drone types, including your ConOps.


By streamlining this process, NOVA empowers you to enhance your safety management practices and maintain compliance across your entire organization.

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picture of control center

Professionalize your drone operations!

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