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Which of our 3
technical solutions
is the right one?


Unisphere offers three types of services to support flight operations of uncrewed aircraft 

NOVA is a technology-driven operations management platform for professional flight operations of drones and other unmanned aircraft systems. It manages all aspects of pre-flight planning with best-in-class weather intelligence and automated evaluation for increased flight safety and internal compliance at scale.

Unisphere provides a Weather Information Service (WIS) in accordance with EASA Regulation (EU) 2021/664, Article 12 (effective April 22, 2021). The WIS is accessible via API and provides authoritative weather data on a global scale

Our Operational Analytics solutions provide a data-driven approach to analyze the service availability of air taxis and better understand the impact of weather on future flight operations, supporting business case development as well as Vertiport planning and design.

Who are you?

NOVA Operations Platform

The NOVA platform's flight planning and weather risk assessment capabilities help flight test teams manage test campaigns and ensure smooth resource planning with best-in-class weather data on a global scale.

Operational Analytics

Data analytics services help you understand future service availability, better plan and evaluate air taxi use cases, support sales and business development tasks, and design

the next aircraft version.

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