Operational Analytics

Global Report on UAM Service Availability

Examining 20 UAM Cities

Coverpage of the Unisphere Global Report on UAM Service Availability - Examining 20 UAM Cities

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Location Analysis

Vertiports are critical infrastructures for the operation of UAM services. Investment decisions currently have to be made based on assumptions. Using our simulation and evaluation technologies, sites can be automatically assessed for suitability and service availability based on historical weather data.

Operational Analytics for UAM 

  • Compare multiple locations to identify the best area for your commercial flight operation.

  • Assess areas of operation or locations with weather data tailored to your individual needs.

  • Customized analyses based on hundreds of weather parameters from ground to stratosphere, everywhere on earth.

  • Comprehensive and easy-to-understand analyses of operational conditions.

Graphical representation of wind directions in Amsterdam as a windrose

Network Analysis

Through the use of simulation and digital twin technologies, it is possible to design initial routes and networks to provide the highest possible service availability adapted to eVTOL characteristics. This supports the development of commercially successful business cases.

  • Determine the actual capacity of your planned route network.

  • Quantify the service availability towards the end customer.

  • Assess your aircraft capabilities and confirm your concept of operation.

  • Study the effect of different aircraft configurations on your network.

  • Validate your business plan with accurate data.

Monthly graphical representation of the flight conditions in Ingolstadt
Portrait Dr. Christoph Selig

Dr. Christoph Selig

If you are interested in learning more about operational analytics on your specific use case, feel free to contact me.