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Less planning, more flights.

NOVA CAST Technology


What NOVA CAST does

NOVA CAST is a tool to automate the identification of flight windows for autonomous drone services. It provides customized analyses of operating conditions for the next seven days on an hourly basis enabling standardized UAV flight planning. With this drone flight management software you can bring your business to the next level.

Automated flight planning for your drone operations

NOVA CAST is a software for planning commercial drone flights. It allows automated assessment of flight feasibility based on the prevailing weather conditions. For this purpose, UAS flights are simulated taking into account aircraft performance character-istics, operational limits, and high-resolution weather data, resulting in an automated assessment of the flight feasibility for the next seven days. Flight Forecast enables the next generation of UAV flight planning!

Automated Identification of Flight Windows

Smart Resource and Maintenance Planning

Increase Flight Time and Efficiency

Clear Service Availability towards End Customer

How NOVA CAST works

1. Define your Route

2. Setup Aircraft

3. Select your Parameters

4. Define the Parameter Limits

5. Start with automated Flight Planning

6. Gain relevant Flight Insights

Get started

Share and collaborate
with your team

User and access management allows you to share the forecasts with all relevant stakeholders while ensuring a single source of truth that supports your safety management and increases transparency.

"NOVA CAST supports the scheduling and risk Mitigation of our drone operations in Switzerland. The intuitive visualizations help us to resolve the complexity of planning our drone services in multiple locations. Such tools will be crucial for future drone operations at scale."

Andrea Marrazo

Head of Autonomous Delivery, Swiss Post

Swiss Post Icon
Drone flight management system

Automated validation of flight windows for every drone mission

- Integrate specific drone performances and               limitations.
- Customize worldwide high-resolution weather

data out of more than 1'000 parameters.
- Receive automated forecasts along individual         routes and altitude profiles.

The technology behind NOVA CAST consists of two pillars. First, the advanced trajectory simulation which creates an accurate digital twin of any flight. Second, our Smart Evaluation Algorithms that allow an auto-mated evaluation of the digital twin to assess the flight feasibility and weather-related risks.

Smart 4D Trajectory

How does NOVA CAST differ from


Weather Parameter


weather model


Map function

Evaluation type


User role



2 days

up to 20

starting at 14.95€

at a location

flight director/pilots


7 days

25 +

starting at 49.45€

along a route/location

flight operations

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