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Unisphere joins World Alliance for Efficient Solutions

Unisphere joins world alliance for efficient solutions

Problems? No! Challenges? No! Solutions? Yes!

Today we can proudly announce that Unisphere joined the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions.

Established by the Solar Impulse Foundation, it brings together the main actors involved in developing, financing or promoting products, services, processes and technologies that protect the environment in a profitable way.

Now - some might ask whether Solar Powered Drones and Unisphere´s Flight Management for High Altitude Pseudo Satellites (HAPS) can protect the environment in a profitable way?

Yes, they do!

HAPS are a very efficient and sustainable solution for earth observation and communication compared to satellites and conventional drones. By their nature they do not rely on fossile fuels and generate their energy required on-board. When using the power of the sun they can reach nearly unlimited flight. Furthermore, and compared to satellites they can be maintained, improved and re-used for different purposes.

HAPS are not just longer a dream of aviation and science geeks - they are reality. And with the long experience in Flight Management (including the Solarimpulse round the world flight) Unisphere provides solutions for the efficient use and positioning of HAPS around the world - making "their payload work" when being in the air.

Hence the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions represents an ideal platform for Unisphere to add a little piece to the puzzle of environmental challenges.

"It´s not ecological - it´s logical" - Bertrand Piccard


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