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Automated Flight Forecasts for your UAS operations

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Commercial pilot know-how transferred into software to unfold the full potential of your drone business.

  • The intuitive traffic light scheme enables everyone to read flight forecasts at a glance.

  • Software based flight forecasts for all missions simplify workflows and unfold the full potential of your team.

  • Automated identification of weather windows up to 7 days ahead requires less planning and enables more flights.

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Less planning,
more Flights.



  • Specific forecasts considering route, altitude and time.

  • Performance and limitations for each drone type.

  • User defined worldwide high resolution weather data.

  • Over 1'000 weather parameters at any altitude from ground to 20'000m.

Start automating your drone forecasts

Automated Validation of Flight Windows for every Drone Mission

  • Integrate specific drone performances and limitations.

  • Customize worldwide high-resolution weather data out of more than 1'000 parameters.

  • Receive automated forecasts along individual routes and altitude profiles.

  • Create transparency and speed up communication with your team, partners, and customers.

  • Stop pushing information, instead allow everyone to access flight forecasts whenever they need it.

  • Flight Forecast is a SaaS that grows with your operation and enables your company to realize a viable drone business.

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Intuitive Visualizations for your entire Team

Key Benefits

Flight Teams

  • Automated identification of flight windows up to 7 days ahead.

  • Receive forecasts along individual VLOS and BVLOS routes and altitude profiles considering specific drone capabilities and limitations.

  • Stop spending time gathering weather data from multiple providers, receive it from one single source.

  • Share your dashboards with your team to improve communication so that everyone can stay on top of things.



  • Provide your organization access to commercial aviation know-how, transferred into software.

  • Automated flight forecasts for all missions to simplify workflows and unfold the full potential of your team.

  • Share flight forecasts with the whole team and partners, create transparency, and speed up communication.

  • Avoid incidents and accidents that create negative publicity and harm public acceptance.


Flight Forecast supports the scheduling and risk mitigation of our drone operations in Switzerland. The intuitive visualizations help us to resolve the complexity of planning our drone services in multiple locations. Such tools will be crucial for future drone operations at scale.

Andrea Marrazzo,

Head of Autonomous Delivery, Swiss Post


Start automating your Drone Forecasts

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Automating Unmanned Aviation

Unisphere develops a software platform to improve safety and increase automation of drone and air taxi flights.

We advance unmanned aviation with smart flight management solutions, adapted to your individual needs.