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Unmanned aircraft offer the unique opportunity to automate flight operations at scale. This enables sustainable business cases and applications previously impossible.

The Challenge

Commercial operators of drones and air taxis need to master three key challenges.



Drone and air taxi flight operations are safety-critical with a high dependence on public acceptance.
Implementation and execution of aviation processes in a non-aviation company is complex and requires expertise.



Human involvement in today’s flight operation limits sustainable business cases with unmanned aircraft. A high process automation enables profitable UAV operations by replacing repetitive and time consuming tasks.


Technological Complexity

Unmanned aircraft, operating close to the ground are highly sensitive to weather. Every individual flight depends on many external factors which are difficult to capture during flight operations.

Our Solution

Aviation know-how transferred into software to enable all organizations to operate drone and air taxis safely and efficiently.

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Simple and intuitive software to create, configure, and manage your flight schedules including aircraft performance and limitations, routes, and high resolution weather.

Communicate as a single source of information within your organization, to partners and customers.

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Configure your real-time monitoring with customized flight parameters and limitations.

Automated deviation monitoring reduces workload, and allows the pilot to focus on problem solving.

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Automated collection and pre-filling of all relevant information in customizable logbooks.

Document your full flight operation auditable, compliant and secure in blockchain to improve your daily performance and future business decisions.

Key Benefits


Flight Teams

  • Our solution verifies flight conditions at every point of a BVLOS route which improves the safety of every flight.

  • Unisphere covers your entire drone or air taxi flight operation within a single software platform which simplifies your workflows and saves time.

  • Share your flight management with the whole team and partners through our collaborative software suite.



  • The Flight Management Platform enables organizations to operate drones and air taxis on a commercial basis at scale.

  • High end-to-end process automation reduces operating costs, increases revenue, and enables measuring of KPIs to identify improvements.

  • Our technology ensures a high safety standard, avoiding incidents and accidents that create negative publicity and harm public acceptance.


With Flight Forecast, Unisphere provides us a tool that supports safety and predictability of daily flight test operations and creates a base for the 24/7 airline operations of the future.

Leandro Bigarella

Head of Flight Test at Lilium