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Using Drones for Delivery

Whether for B2C, cargo or parts delivery: One of the most well-known applications for commercial drones is the delivery industry. Drones can bypass road traffic and deliver packages to remote locations, making them an ideal solution for rural deliveries. In addition, drones are able to significantly reduce delivery times, which is a major benefit for time-sensitive deliveries. The time savings are even more significant when water is in the way.

Improved flight safety

Evaluate weather along the route and at altitude

More flights

Through better understanding of flight windows

Mainstream pilot knowledge

Make weather knowledge accessible across your whole organisation

"The intuitive visualizations help us to resolve the complexity of planning our drone services in multiple locations. Such tools will be crucial for future drone operations at scale."

Andrea Marrazo

Head of Autonomous Delivery, Swiss Post


Ressource Planning

Identifying flight windows is essential for keeping your opportunity costs low. The identification of uptime is essential to understand your service availability - for your own sake but also towards your clients. 

With the NOVA platform you can easily identify your uptime and maintenance. 

Unisphere_NOVA Operations Platform_Deliv
Unisphere_NOVA Operations Platform_for c

Operational Management

When scaling up your business it can be difficult to keep the overview. Depending on the specific weather conditions like strong strong headwinds your time needed for the operation may differ significantly. Similarly the  battery status of your drone may suffer more with headwinds. 


NOVA got your back with a clear weather evaluation indicating your forecasted flight time and battery statur!

Avoid repetitive work

Don't waste time with repetitive tasks: With the NOVA platform you can easily copy the limit sets of different drone types when creating a new mission. This includes also your ConOps. 

Like this NOVA helps you to increase your safety management and to stay compliant throughout your organization.

Unisphere_NOVA Operations Platform_Weath

Professionalize your drone operations!

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