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Flight Operation Analysis for Drones, Air Taxis, and HAPS

We quantify your eVTOL venture with customized statistical analyses. Validate technical and commercial assumptions well in advance of an actual mission based on 10 years of historical weather data.

Key Challenges

  • How many rotations are possible per aircraft and day?

  • How do seasonal effects and dominant weather conditions impact the service availability?

  • What is the best location for vertiport or ground station infrastructure?

  • Which locations should be promoted in sales? And which areas are challenging?

  • Which aircraft capabilities increase the number of flights (de-icing, VFR/IFR)?

Our Solutions

Route Network Analysis

  • Determine the actual capacity of your planned route network.

  • Quantify the service availability towards the end customer.

  • Assess your aircraft capabilities and confirm your concept of operation.

  • Study the effect of different aircraft configurations on your network.

  • Validate your business plan with accurate data.

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Location Analysis.png

Vertiport / Location Analysis

  • Compare multiple locations to identify the best area for your commercial flight operation.

  • Assess areas of operation or locations with weather data tailored to your individual needs.

  • Customized analyses based on hundreds of weather parameters from ground to stratosphere, everywhere on earth.

  • Comprehensive and easy-to-understand analyses of operational conditions.

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Operational Analytics for UAM

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Executive Briefings

Getting started with Drones

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