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The Digital Co-Pilot

The Drone Operations Management Software to automate pilot activities of your UAV flight operations: Enables you to scale your business, safely.

Drone Operations Management

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NOVA is a Drone Operations Management Platform which acts as a Digital Co-Pilot for commercial drone operations. The underlying simulation technology significantly increases the level of automation, enabling professional drone operators to scale their flight operations efficiently and safely.

It is designed as a decision-support system for piloted flight operations capable of transitioning to a decision-making system for fully autonomous flights.

Aviation Weather

Globally available, high-resolution weather data

for enhanced situational awareness



Improved flight safety through evaluation of weather along the route

and at altitude

Tailored evaluation of weather conditions, taking into account the operational limits of each drone

Operations Management
at Scale

Ensuring compliance across the organization through standardized and automated flight planning

Centralized and drone-agnostic management of all your flight missions in one platform

Increased efficiency in the flight operations through automation of repetitive and error-prone tasks

Mission 1 Mission 2 Mission 3

Enabling Commercial

Automated identification of flight windows to maximize time at the mission


Clear understanding of service availability for internal stakeholders and your customers

One platform supporting today's piloted and tomorrow's autonomous flight operations

DAILY AGENDA 8-12: 12-14: 14-16: 18-19:

With NOVA, Unisphere provides us a tool that supports safety and predictability of daily flight test operations and creates a base for the 24/7 airline operations of the future.

Dr. Patrick Nathen

Co-Founder & VP Product, Lilium

Vertiport Solutions

UAM Location Analysis

Operational Analytics
Global Vertiport Planning

Operational Analytics for UAM supports data-driven decision-making in vertiport planning. 


By evaluating large amounts of historic weather data and their impact on the planned drone or air taxi services, relevant insights into future operations are generated. This supports a variety of critical decisions, ranging from the selection of vertiports, over business case validation, to implications for the aircraft design in order to increase the overall service availability.

Vertiport Planning


Identifying vertiport locations with good operational conditions in a certain area

Understanding the number of possible rotations for different eVTOL types

Supporting procedure design to achieve a high usability factor tailored to wind limit

UAM Service Availability

Understanding the impact of weather conditions on the availability of an air taxi service

Scenario planning comparing different configurations, i.e. VMC, IMC, or anti-icing systems

Identifying regions with best conditions for initial eVTOL operations setup

eVTOL Design Validation

Understanding the impact of weather on the eVTOL before its actual operations

Deriving implications for aircraft design to increase service availability

Identifying aircraft characteristics with highest impact on service availability

I have not seen anything similar in the world! The unique team of aviation professionals is full of expertise and know-how. They managed to bring Solar Impulse round the globe. Today their smart software products secure the ability of drone operations to scale without compromising safety.

Lorenzo Murzilli

CEO, Murzilli Consulting


Drone Flights simulated


Vertiport Locations analyzed


Years of experience

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